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Here at NJ Salon in Sheffield we are committed to hairdressing excellence. Why not bookmark this page for future reference.

Established now as a prestige gents hair dressing salon in Banner Cross Sheffield, we have a strong base of regular clients who have been using our gents hair styling service since we began hairdressing in the area in 2004. We consider ourselves the True Gents Hairstylists of Sheffield.

The personal needs of our customers are the central focus of our work, we provide a quality hair styling service that stands out above our Sheffield competition.

What ever you choose to call it; hairdressing, hair stylist, gents hair stylist, Our team is here to deliver the service; they are professional, talented and continually move their work forward.

We provide a high quality, comfortable and innovative salon experience. Welcome to NJ Salon...

Our present reputation as a quality fairly-priced gents hair salon has been built over the past years by continually serving our clients to the highest levels of customer service, second to none in the highly competative Sheffield Hair Salon sector.

What ever you choose to call it; hairdressing, hair stylist, gents hair stylist, gents hair salons, our team is here to deliver the service to our Sheffield based clients right here in Banner Cross. Our team are always happy to meet new customers and offer advice and suggestions about how to look and feel good with your hair style. Of all the Sheffield hair salons, you can rest assured that here at NJ salon YOU are our priority.

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